Blue Mars

Kim Stanley Robinson



This is the third book in a three book series.

Mars has been transformed.  The atmosphere is now breathable, and oceans have formed.  No longer is Mars “The Red Planet”.  Mars is now the centre of human power.

Thanks to longevity treatment 12 of the first 100 still live.  They are regarded as living legends by the people of Mars, but shortcomings of the longevity treatment are beginning to show.  Sudden heart failure has killed some, while all are suffering from increasing memory loss.

Mars after successful terraforming-mission
Mars Terraformed

An already overpopulated Earth has been brought to it’s knees by flooding caused by the melting of the polar ice caps.  Many see Mars as their only hope for the future.  Illegal immigration from Earth threatens to spark a war between the two planets.

But Mars need not be the only other habitable place in the solar system.  Ambitious plans are hatched that could see mankind spread throughout the entire solar system and beyond.

Kim Stanley Robinson also wrote The Martians, a book of short stories set in the time frame of the trilogy.

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