Childhood’s End

Arthur C Clarke



By the late 20th century competition between the US and the USSR to build and launch the first military space craft is intense.  The space race is on.  But all this ends abruptly when massive alien space ships appear in the skies the world over.  An invasion of sorts.  But these aliens claim they are not here to conquer Earth.  Merely to supervise its development.  Or so they say.  Adding to people’s mistrust is the aliens refusal to show themselves.

With little in way of choice, Humanity accepts the rule of the Overlords, as they come to be known.  Intervention in daily affairs is rare, but when it comes it is clear that the Overlords power is absolute.

In the following years the world settles into a period of peace and prosperity.  But some complain that the Overlords have robbed Mankind of it’s passion and creativity.

But the ultimate reason for the Overlords presence has not yet revealed itself.  When that time comes, everything will change.

Regarded as one of Clarke’s better books, it is definitely one of his more challenging stories.

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6 thoughts on “Childhood’s End

  1. I have read many Arthur C Clarke books before and he is truly the master of science fiction. Several of the topics that he has written about have become reality as technology has advanced. Anyone wanting to read classic sci-fi, give Clarke the chance to take you to the reality of the future!

    • Hi Molly. I agree entirely with your thoughts on Arthur C Clarke. In spite of his big ideas and vast scientific knowledge, his books were always engaging and fun to read. Thank’s for the comment.

  2. Hi Mike, I am also a Sci-fi fanatic and always looking for some great reading material. I really enjoyed the mini series that was out a short time ago on TV. If the book is as good as the show it should be an awesome read. I’m new to Arthur C Clarke but if you are recommending this book I am up for getting myself a copy and checking out his style of writing, Always open to new authors.

    • Hi Kim. I’m pleased to here you are enjoying the TV series based on this book. It will be screening here shortly and I will be very interested to see it. This book is considered to be one of Arthur C Clarke’s better books. I enjoyed it very much. Hope you do to. Thanks for commenting.


  3. This book seems to be pretty interesting and I am very into the sci-fi. I’ve never heard of Arthur C Clarke before but this makes me want to check him out. Are their any other books by him that are about aliens that are worth the read in your opinion?

    • Hi Destin. There sure is. Arthur C Clarke is considered to be one of the grand masters of sci fi. Check out his author page for other titles. Thanks for the comment.


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