Alan Dean Foster



Some time in the future the human race has become dependent upon its gadgets.  What ever you need done, you can guarantee there’s a machine to do it.  All with a pleasant please and thank you, courtesy of the artificial intelligence supplied by the manufacturing plant on Shintaro.

But that was before the cheese sandwich.

A few drops of cheese from a discarded sandwich in the Shintaro factory, has made every new home appliance obsessed with finding the answer to the big question.  An answer they believe can only be found by consulting a higher, alien intelligence.

As fate would have it, on Earth, a food processor from a retirement home off searching for the answer to everything, discovers a long buried alien space ship.  A war ship as it turns out.

So when it takes off to do battle with five senior citizens and the food processor on board, they become mankind’s only hope to save the galaxy.

I get the distinct impression Alan might have been reading some Douglas Adams around the time he wrote this.  Quite a departure when you consider that this is the guy that gave us Alien.  I found it very entertaining.

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2 thoughts on “Codgerspace

  1. Mike, Alan may have given us Alien but also a plethora of other Sci Fi and Fantasy novels. He is one of my favourite authors and I turn to him when my seeking out new authors gets a bit boring.

    If you haven’t discovered it yet, and have an eReader, go and search SF Gateway. They are bringing many ‘retired’ books back in eBook format. There are a lot of Alan’s books there.

    The most recent one I have read is Jed the Dead. Now that was a fun read.

    Alan also does some not so sci fi or fantasy tales too.


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