Ender’s Game

Orson Scott Card



Adapted from a short story written by the same author in 1977.

This is the first book in a four book series.

Earth has been attacked in the past by an alien race known as the Buggers.  The military forces of earth were able to defeat the invaders, but the threat of another invasion remains.  The powers that be decide that the only way to guarantee the safety of Earth is to find and train the best military minds from childhood.  Battle school is born.

Ender Wiggin arrives at battle school at the age of six and soon shows himself to be a natural tactician and leader.  But the challenges don’t come just from the classes, but also his fellow students, some of whom view him as competition to their own goals.

As the threat of war looms ever closer, Ender finds himself propelled to the forefront of the battle plans, while at the same time struggling with a moral conflict he doesn’t fully understand.

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8 thoughts on “Ender’s Game

  1. I have not heard of the Enders Game series before. I really like sci-fi but not “too out there” sci-fi if you know what I mean. This actually sounds like a series I would enjoy! Would you call this series more of a young adult series or is it more mature content?

    • Hi Heather. The Ender series is definitely quality writing by anyone’s standards. A movie of the first book was made in 2013 and it follows the book pretty faithfully. I think a young reader would enjoy reading these books, but there is some fairly graphic violence in the second book.

  2. Your site is beautiful, and clean. Easy to navigate. This site is awesome! I am not even a scifi buff but I think you might have just turned me into one, lol. You make me want to read these books! I am going to check them out. Who is your absolute most favorite scifi author? I am curious.

    • Hi Jane. I’m glad I may have a convert, lol. There is definitely much more to scifi than most people would think. It’s a great format for challenging peoples beliefs and prejudices. At the moment my favorite author would be Peter F Hamilton. If you like getting lost in big complex stories, he’s your man.

  3. I love sci-fi books very much and this looks like one that can be inspiration.

    The theme behind it is cool. Battle school. It makes good sense.

    But your content was quite short. It could be longer. By writing it longer you may engage with your audience more. But i liked your website theme. You may become an authority in this nieche quite easily if you put enough effort into it.

    • Hi Tyler. Yes my content on each book is not very long. My aim is wet peoples appetite without giving too much away, but do see your point. I appreciate the feedback. Thanks.


  4. The Enders Game series sounds like a pretty adventurous book and it’s nice to hear it’s actually ADAPTED from a short film, not the other way around which I think is a breath of fresh air.

    I’d love to hear more about the story and the characters. I always love reading great books in whatever genres as long as they have great psychological development and an intriguing plot/

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Anh. Ender’s game is certainly a psychological story, and the following books are at least as thought provoking. Thanks for the comment.


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