Fallen Dragon

Peter F Hamilton


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Lawrence Newton dreams of a life travelling the galaxy exploring new planets.  Instead, he is born into a dull, partly terraformed world in a time when space exploration is on the decline.  After a failed attempt by his father to manipulate him into accepting his world and the life planned for him, Lawrence runs away.

Twenty years later, he finds himself working for the military of a huge corporation that once started colonies on other worlds.  Now they plunder those same worlds under the legally questionable and morally bankrupt  pretext of “asset realization”.  It’s the job of Lawrence and his platoon to subdue the local population while this takes place.

Having been through a number of campaigns already, some utter disasters, he and his men are battle weary and the resistance on this latest world seems unnervingly efficient at striking when and where they like.

Rumors of hidden treasure and an ancient creature known as the Fallen Dragon, combined with unanswered questions from an earlier visit to this world lead Lawrence on his own personal campaign.

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2 thoughts on “Fallen Dragon

  1. Lately I have been trying to find good books to read within the sci-fi/fantasy niche but didn’t know where to start because I haven’t been reading much over the past few years. Fallen Dragon sounds like an excellent adventure following Lawrence Newton as he finds him self living a life he wishes he wasn’t. It’s been a while since I’ve read a good sci-fi book!


    • Hi Anthony. Yes Fallen Dragon is a great book. I am a huge fan of this particular author and recommend you go to the author page and check out some of his other titles. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate the feedback.


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