Peter F Hamilton


Peter was born in Rutland England in 1960.  He left school at eighteen, and only studied English literature until he was sixteen.

He started writing in 1987.  By 1988 he had sold his first short story to Fear Magazine.  Mindstar Rising, his first novel, was published in 1993.  A Quantum Murder and The Nano Flower followed.  The real breakthrough came in 1996 with The Nights Dawn Trilogy.  He is now Britain’s biggest selling Sci fi writer.

Rutland is still home, with his wife Kate and children Sophie and Felix.

Standalone Novels

Fallen Dragon

The Great North Road

The Greg Mandel trilogy

Mindstar Rising

A Quantum Murder

The Nano Flower

The Confederation Universe

The Nights Dawn Trilogy

The Reality Dysfunction

The Neutronium Alchemist

The Naked God

The Commonwealth Universe

The Commonwealth Saga  

Misspent Youth

Pandora’s Star

Judas Unchained

The Void Trilogy

The Dreaming Void

The Temporal Void

The Evolutionary Void

The Chronicle of the Fallers.  (Prequel to The Void Trilogy)

The Abyss Beyond Dreams

A Night Without Stars


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