Speaker for the Dead

Orson Scott Card



This is the second book in a four book series.

After the war against the Formic Alien’s, Ender Wiggin reveals the true nature of the Formics in a book he writes under the name of “The Speaker For The Dead”.  This spawns at new religious tradition.  When someone dies a Speaker is summoned to tell the story of the dead persons life.

3000 years have now past since the war, and the human race has encountered another alien species on the planet Lusitania.  The Pequeninos.  Though enigmatic, the “Piggies” are generally regarded as friendly until a human xenobiologist is savagely killed by the creatures.

With little in the way of an explanation from the Piggies, the humans fortify their compound to keep the them out.  A Speaker for the dead is called  to speak on behalf of the dead xenobiologist.

The Speaker that arrives is none other than Ender Wiggin, the original Speaker for the dead, now calling himself Andrew.  Owing to relativistic space travel he is only 35 years old, though 3000 years have passed since the Formic war.  Ender learns that in the 22 years it took to reach Lusitania, another member of the human colony has been killed in the same grizzly manner.

But Ender has another reason for coming to Lusitania.  Hidden in his possessions is the last Formic hive queen.  It has been his life’s purpose since his near xenocide of the Formics to find a new world where the queen can rebuild her civilization.   Lusitania may be this world.  But first he must come to understand this planet and it’s inhabitants.

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2 thoughts on “Speaker for the Dead

  1. Hey there, it’s Alexey. Actually I was surprised that you covered really good the intro of the book, describing a little bit, but keep it general. Really nice review (I personally like it when it’s short). The book Speaker for the Dead sounds interesting, although it’s not my style of books, I am more into personal development and growth – This book will be fantastic for people who are interested in aliens, space and all that 🙂

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