The Martian

Andy Weir



Mark Watney is the most solitary human being in the entire history of the human race.  Stranded alone on Mars, the nearest people are his crew mates aboard the Hermes which is now speeding back to Earth without him.  As far as they and everyone back on Earth know, Mark is dead.

The habitat can supply him with air and water and has food for a few months.  But he has no way of contacting Earth, and no one will be returning to Mars for another four years.  When the next mission does arrive it will land over 3000 km from his present location.

But Mark is not about to take this impossible situation lying down.  Armed with his skills as a botanist, his astronaut training, and an irrepressible sense of humour he sets about solving the mountain of problems he needs to solve in order to survive.  More food, more water to grow food, soil to grow the food in.  The list goes on.  Each problem must be solved one at a time.


Meanwhile on Earth his activities have been detected by a satellite orbiting the red planet.  A rescue, if one is even possible, will have to be on a drastically shortened time frame.  In the meantime Mark must keep himself alive in an environment where one slip up or lapse in concentration could be fatal.

It was great to see this book so faithfully adapted to the big screen.  Anyone who thinks hard Si fi is dry and unentertaining needs to read this book or see the movie.  It’s a user manual on how to laugh at adversity.

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4 thoughts on “The Martian

  1. Hi, I like your summary of The Martian. It’s easy to read and keeps your views attention. I really like how you included a picture of the area on Mars mentioned in the book, that’s really interesting! Good idea to include that, it gives readers a bettering understanding of the harsh environment endured by the main character!

    • Hi Summerly. Glad you liked my page on The Martian. I stumbled on the picture when I was writing the page and thought it really helped the reader to understand what happened in the story. Thanks for the comment.


  2. Hi Mike,

    I was just always disappointed whenever I find a great book to read and ended up unfulfilled with its movie counterpart (like missing or altered parts) or find a movie based on a book and realizing that it was way better if you’ve just read. While I have yet to read this book, I really find the movie interesting and inspiring. And I am so relieved that (as you’ve said) it’s ‘faithfully adapted to the big screen’.

    Thanks for sharing. This is definitely one of those few movies worth spending time with and will leave a mark in your life, that when everything has gone south on you, either accept that or get to work. =)


    • Hi Rock. This book and movie certainly had an effect on me, and I will definitely revisit from time to time. I also like the fact that Andy Weir managed to make the book a success without the initial help of publishers. That shows he shares the same determination as his main character. Thanks for the comment.


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