The Reality Dysfunction

Peter F Hamilton



This is book one in a three book series.

In the 27th century the human race has spread over the galaxy.  Genetic engineering has produced organic sentient space habitats.  Living space craft travel from planet to planet.  Disease and hunger are tragedies of the past.

However all this prosperity has come at a price.  Global warming and pollution have left Earth desolate.  Huge super storms ravage the surface, the air barely breathable.  Millions are crammed into domed cities known as arcologies.  For those in the arcologies the only hope for a better life is to leave Earth for one of the colony worlds.

But on one such world through sheer chance, a brutal criminal named Quinn Dexter has unleashed something that could destroy all that humanity has created.  Something that has already destroyed an entire race.  They called it “The Reality Dysfunction”.

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10 thoughts on “The Reality Dysfunction

  1. Why havent I thought of a niche like this. I love reading as well, though more like how to stuff. Not really into sci fi reading but when I see your website it sure makes me interested in the topic. You seem like you are far ahead already. Is this the first book you sell or have you sold more already?

    • Hi Maurice. It took me a while to come up with this niche. But once I did it was easy to keep adding to the site. Still a long way to go though. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  2. I love sci fi based literature – especially those that are relevant to modern day issue that our planet and humanity is facing. I had the pleasure of reading the first part of this trilogy.My verdict hitherto: Brilliant! Peter Hamilton is a brilliant author who portrays what we have to look forward to, unless…

    • Hi Holly. I’m glad you enjoyed The Reality Dysfunction. I strongly recommend you read the following two books as he ties everything up very well. His books do raise some interesting questions about how science would effect Humanity. Thanks for the comment.


  3. This sounds like an interesting book. I often go through phases on the type of books I read. I honestly have just been getting back in to the sci-fi and have been looking for a new book.

    I love that this is a series. Nothing is worse than a good story coming to an end! I am going to check this out! Thank you!

    • Hi Brandy. This is the first Peter F Hamilton book I read, and it made me an instant fan. If you love getting lost in a story, this is the book and series for you. Everything is tied up beautifully in the last book. Thanks for the comment.


  4. Hi There,

    So glad that I came across your website on my internet searches, this sounds like a great book even though I have never been a sci-fi buff this one my tip the balance and get me into reading more sci-fi. Like the idea it is a series and will be on the watch for more to come on your site. Do you have a newsletter that I can sign up for because I would be interested in being notified off all new titles you review? Keep up the good work and I will look forward to hearing from you?

    Regards, Michael

    • Hi Michael. Thanks for the idea of a news letter. My site is still very new and I haven’t set up anything like that yet, but will definitely look in to it. Thanks again.


  5. This looks like a really interesting book. I really enjoy science fiction books and it’s been too long since I’ve sat down and enjoyed one.

    Is this a Trilogy or an ongoing series?

    Thanks for the information and peaking my interest just need a holiday so I can get down to reading.

    • Hi Jim. If you can find the time to read this book I think you will enjoy it. The trilogy is set in Peter F Hamilton’s Confederation Universe, and to my knowledge he hasn’t written any more in this setting. But check out his other titles through the author page. Thanks for the comment.


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