Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Jules Verne



Ships traveling the high seas start to report sightings of a large sea monster.  Possibly an unknown breed of whale.   Fearing a threat to shipping, the American frigate  Abraham Lincoln is dispatched to hunt the monster down.  Included on the expedition is French marine biologist Professor Pierre Aronnax and his servant Conseil.

When the creature is finally tracked down, the encounter does not go according to plan. The Abraham Lincoln is left crippled with a damaged rudder, and Aronnax and Conseil are lost overboard along with Ned Land, master harpoonist.

Rescue comes in the most unexpected manner when the Whale turns out not to be a whale at all, but is in fact a futuristic submarine.  The three men are brought on board where they meet Captain Nemo who built the Nautilus, as it is known.  Nemo explains that to maintain secrecy the three must remain on board,  however they have the freedom of the ship.  Aronnax and Conseil are fascinated by the prospect, but Land wants only his freedom.

In the following months they experience the wonders of the under sea world.  From Atlantis, to the Antarctic ice shelves.

But Captain Nemo is a troubled man, and as time goes on his madness and brutality becomes more and more apparent. The three must find a way escape before Nemo kills them all.

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2 thoughts on “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

  1. Good entrance into the book! At first I thought you gave away the whole book lol but there’s definitely more than the description let’s on to! I really enjoy reading sci fi books since there’s literally no other genre that’s as creative as sci fi.
    I’ve read at least 3 books you’ve listed up top and from that I can say you’ve got good taste and I’ll be checking some others out!

    • Hi Rob. Yes knowing how much of the plot to give away is always the hard part. I’m glad you took the time to look through the other titles on my site. There’s some good books listed and more to come when I can find the time to add them. Thanks for the comment.

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